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Immanuel Church Council Meeting Minutes Nov 5, 2018 Meeting Called to order 7:00pm by President Steve Peterson

Present: Diane Rothe, Bob Stirling, Royce Chinander, Dana Johnson, Steve Peterson, Pastor Marla, Shannon Lindgren

Absent: Lynn Schultz, Don Noyes

MSP to approve November Council meeting minutes.

Devotions and opening prayer led by Pastor Marla

Old Business

Chisago Area Churches - Shared Ministry (MiChiLu/Mid-Chisago Lutherans) MiChiLu has been invited to join the Taylors Falls Lighting Festival to help think about where God fits in for the coming of Jesus. A planning meeting will be held at 1 pm November 6, 2108 at Immanuel Lutheran Almelund to decide on whom and what may be needed to help. The "Getting Ready for Jesus" event will take place at First Lutheran in Taylors Falls on Saturday November 24 from 2 – 4 PM.

Almelund Sampler - It was a success thank you to all who donated and helped out! Total received before paying the caterer is $6,295.00 so we expect to net about $5400.

Website design Development - The website is making good progress! Our website developer, Jared Rendell, was here for the last meeting and will be here every other time to assist in the process. Small groups are working on website content, navigation, technology, and look.

Tanzania Mission Trip 2019 - Although several people were very interested in being part of a mission trip it ended up not working at this time. We are discussing further options for the future including possibly bringing a couple of people from Itonya to Immanuel.

October 8th Stewardship Dinner - Lynn Schultz, Mark Weslander, Don Noyes, and Pastor Marla attended. The presentation included a panel discussion with 3 young adults. They spoke about their vision for the church. They did not do a presentation on what our monetary support goes to in the synod. There was a hand out and brief discussion on where our monetary support goes when it is given to the synod. It was a nice way to bring people together.

Cemetery - Another local cemetery has been asked to have a satanic symbol on a gravestone. We would like to avoid this for our cemetery. After checking with the synod, the recommendation is to update our bylaws to state what types of symbols are acceptable and what is not acceptable. We will be working on this.

Vision 20/20 - Merrie Tolzmann and Mark Weslander are working closely on updating the membership records. The movie The Shack was shown followed by a group discussion hosted by the youth group. We considered the possibility of being part of a synod program called the Year of Renewal and will revisit this in a year.

New Business


Bank Charges - Lakes Area Bank charges us $3.00 per month for each account that is sent via the mail. There are a couple of account state-ments we receive online we are not changed for. It is being researched on how to get all statements online to alleviate these charges.

2019 Benevolence for St. Paul Synod - The synod is requesting that we tell them our commitment benevolence for 2019 by December 15. Our commitment this year is $9000. Of that $3,969.00 has been sent so far this year remaining balance is $5,031.00. At our December meeting we will discuss our benevolence commitment for 2019.

American Red Cross Blood Drive - We will be hosting a blood drive in January or February 2019 (date to be determined). It would be a 6 hour block and at that time we would need 2 volunteers to check people in and give out snacks. (It can be in 2 or 3 shifts.)


Financial Report - MSP approved. All bills are paid current at this time.

Pastor's Report - Royce Chinander’s sister, Robin, is graciously donating a baby grand piano to the church. What a wonderful and generous gift for our church.

Momoh is in the process of becoming a citizen. We approved hosting a benefit concert to help assist in raising money to contribute to the costs of him to become a citizen.

Committee Reports

Christian Ed - On November 4th a meeting was held. A plan was made for the Christmas program.

Property - The plaster needs to be repaired in the NE entry way. The estimated cost is $890.00 and he can start November 12, 2018. MSP approved the funding will be taken from the property funds.

Stewardship - We have been having a series of stewardship temple talks and a stewardship sermon from Justin Grimm. November 18 will be our Stewardship Sunday. There will be a potluck dinner following the sermon.

Worship and Music - The carillon uses old technology. We could upgrade that to be run off a flash drive which would open many more possibilities of music. This is being investigated.

Communion and Secure Offering

December 2nd - Diane Rothe, Royce Chinander, Dana Johnson

December 16th - Bob Stirling, Steve Peterson, Shannon Lindgren

December 24th 4pm - Dana Johnson, Steve Peterson, ___________

December 24th 10pm ___________

Closed with Prayer. MSP to adjourn 9:23pm.

Respectfully Submitted

Shannon Lindgren Council Secretary


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