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Church Council Meeting 6/4/18

Meeting was called to order at 7:02 by President Steve Peterson.

Present: Steve Peterson, Don Noyes, Royce Chinander, Pastor Marla, Diane Rothe, Dana Johnson, Bob Stirling, and Lynn Schultz

Absent: Shannon Lindgren

Opening prayer and devotions led by Pastor Marla.

MSP to approve May 14, 2018 Council meeting minutes.


Shared Ministry The next meeting will be June 20 at 5:30 pm at Chisago Lakes Lutheran Church. For 2019, Immanuel should start looking into shared VBS early in the year. The point was raised that other shared programs should be investigat-ed further also. There are plans for a shared service activity this fall.

VBS Dana Johnson has talked to Liz Sandberg about leading VBS. Liz has agreed to lead and Dana will assist her. VBS will move to the week following the Thresh-ing Show, starting Monday, August 13.

Dana will set up a meeting with Liz, Pastor, herself and other people that may be helpful to add. They will determine the theme and curriculum. Pre-kindergarten and up are invited. Older youth can be called upon to assist. Meals will again be provided. The Sunday School teachers will be meeting this Wednesday, June 7. Diane will see if Liz is available to attend. The Council meeting for August 13 will be moved to Monday, August 6.

Vision 2020 Items marked as the 2018 time line were discussed. Web site: Stewardship is working on this. Financial Meeting: Lynn will see when Mark and Stephanie are available and schedule a meeting of signators on all checking accounts. Young Adults: this group has gotten discouraged by lack of participation. Some suggestions to aid this group were to find or set up a program to act as frame work for the group to follow and find common ground to focus on. Coordinating something for young adults that coincides with VBS will be looked at. Diane will pursue this to see if there is interest in doing it.


Almelund Water Works Candy Nelson has been acting as the Treasurer for Almelund Water Works. She is requesting the church take over the treasurer duties since she is retiring and wants to travel. Steve will talk to Candy and Immanuel will request a list of names that are on the well system with the church. Steve will talk to Pat Remer about what the job entails since she does this for her well line.

Book Donations Katie Carlson's Girl Scout troop is starting a book club. She is requesting an area to have bins and signage where people can donate books to be available for her troop. MSP to approve this request.


Red Cross Blood Drive The Red Cross has requested that Immanuel serve as a host site for a blood drive. Immanuel could choose the date and time which requires a 6 hour block. We would need to recruit donors, 2 volunteers to check people in and give out snacks.

The Red Cross provides marketing materials, all the people and supplies to run the blood drive and the snacks. MSP to approve. Linda Peterson has worked with blood drives and Steve will get more information from her.

Financial Report MSP to approve the financial report. Information on the Libe-rian Mission Fund that Willie Johnson is working on will be added to the bulletins and newsletter in the next months. Having Willie sing at Immanuel in the near future would be a good reminder for the congregation to contribute to this fund.

Pastors Report The infant daughter of Nick and Heidi Wiberg, Rose, will be baptized June 24.

The July council meeting will be at Pastor's house July 9. Car pool at church at 4:45 to arrive at 5:30. Meeting will start at 7:00pm.

An update of interest is that Dan Lipp, who bought the parsonage house, told Pastor they will be moving into it next week.

Pastor also shared that Debra Benson is moving to Arden Hills and will be leaving Immanuel. Her warmth and participation will be missed.

Eight of our youth, Pastor and five adults will be leaving on the youth mission trip to Lake Traverse, South Dakota on June 10, returning June 15.

The summer hours for our custodian, Rick, had been reduced to 5 hours/week. He took some time off without pay so there is money in the budget to add some hours back to his schedule. MSP to approve 10 hours per week for the rest of the summer. It was also suggested to make a list of items that need custodial attention in a location for Rick to see so he can tend to them.

Committee Reports

Christian Ed



Property Bi-fold door in nursery is fixed for now but not in good shape. Work has been started on the front steps. Norm repaired the broken piece of the flag pole planter. Other minor repairs are being addressed.

Stewardship Working on the web site.

Worship and Music

Youth Mission trip June 10-15.

Communion and Securing Offering

July 1- Royce Chinander, Diane Rothe, Dana Johnson

July 15- Steve Peterson, Don Noyes, Lynn Schultz

Host Guest Pastor Richard Baumann- July 29th – Royce Chinander

Closed with the Lord's Prayer. MSP to adjourn at 8:55 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Lynn Schultz, acting Secretary


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