Immanuel Church Council Meeting Minutes Feb. 11, 2019 Present: Steve Peterson, Pastor Marla, Dana Johnson, Dave Rue, Marty Johnson, Diane Rothe, Perry Lindberg, John Sandberg, Shannon Lindgren Meeting was called to order by President Steve Peterson MSP to approve January Council Minutes Devotions and prayer led by Pastor Marla Welcome new members! We went around and told everyone about a little about ourselves to get to know each other. Thank you to Lynn Schultz, Bob Stirling, Don Noyes, and Royce Chinander for serving on Council and for all your hard work and dedication. Reactions to the Annual Meeting - It went well. Nice presentations. Election of Officers: Council President - Steve Peterson Council Vice President - Dave Rue Council Secretary - Shannon Lindgren Assignments: Christian Ed - Dana Johnson Finance - Steve Peterson, Dave Rue Memorial Committee - Marty Johnson Personnel - Steve Peterson, Dave Rue Property- Perry Lindberg Stewardship - Shannon Lindgren Worship and Music - Diane Rothe Years of Renewal - Diane Rothe, John Sandberg Bank Signers - Diane Rothe, Steve Peterson Church Treasurer Lynn Schultz submitted a letter of resignation as Church Treasure. Thank you, Lynn, for all your time and dedication. It is greatly appreciated. Council will be reviewing and recruiting to full this voluntary position. Year of Renewal - We are continuing forward on our journey to grow increase congregational vitality, as we have begun in Vision 2020. Much has already been accomplished, yet there is still work to be done. Rev. Justin Grimm, from the Synod staff, will lead this effort. The first meeting will be in March. We will meet together with other area churches for a half-day training session after Easter. SPAS Leader Toolkit Pastor Marla and Diane Rothe will be attending the workshop on February 23rd. Training for Serving Holy Communion Pastor Marla will train and review the process for serving communion with Perry Lindberg, Marty Johnson, and John Sandberg when they serve communion in March. Reports Financial Report - MSP approved. Bills are paid current at this time. Pastor's Report – We can expect a check in the next 30 days for approximately $50,000.00 from the Linda Mae Engstrom bequest. This will be the final pay out from her estate. We are hosting a blood drive for the American Red Cross on February 21. Thank you to all the volunteers! We explored the possibility of taking a group from Immanuel to Itonya but we're unable to get a group who could commit in doing this. So we are looking into hosting some people from Itonya to come to Immanuel. Peter Harrits, the person at the Synod who coordinates the Tanzania Ministry, is currently in Tanzania exploring who might be appropriate to visit Immanuel in 2020. March 3rd Peter will be here for our Tanzania Sunday in which would be the perfect opportunity to discuss what he has learned. Committee Reports Christian Ed – Dana Johnson and Liz Sandberg have volunteered to lead Vacation Bible School again this summer. It will be held the week after the Almelund Threshing show. We are working on plans to have the Teddy Bear Band come again for the first night. Property - The sewer is frozen, and the backup system is being used. This will not be able to be repaired until spring. Communion and Secure Offering March 3rd - Shannon Lindgren, Marty Johnson, Dana Johnson March 6 Ash Wednesday - 11am Steve Peterson, 7pm Shannon Lindgren March 17th - Dave Rue, Diane Rothe, Perry Lindberg Closed with Prayer, MSP to adjourn 9:05pm Respectfully Submitted Shannon Lindgren Council Secretary

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