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Council Meeting April 10, 2017

Present: Pastor Marla, Lynn Schultz, Martha Strecker, Don Noyes, Royce Chinander, Steve Peterson, Clay Ryberg, Steve Blomquist, Bob Stirling

Council meeting called to order at 7pm by President Steve Peterson.

Opening prayer and devotions given by Pastor Marla.

MSP to approve March council minutes.

Old Business:

Vision 20/20: vision group met this afternoon. Next meeting May 8th at 2pm. Compiling information and prioritizing it. Figuring action plan/ steps for Immanuel to work on for next 3 years to keep our church strong.

Technology subcommittee/software: still collecting data sheets from Im-manuel members

sound system fellowship hall: need to connect sanctuary speakers to fellow-ship hall. Looking for wire that is visible upstairs. Steve Blomquist is looking at cupboard for mobile storage cart in basement.

Elsie Nord bequest: no new update, waiting for final check from estate.

Endowment Fund: reviewed ELCA presentation. Very similar to what Thrivent offers. Pastor Marla will set up meeting to hear Thrivent presenta-tion for comparison. Need to set up Endowment Fund Gift Acceptance/distribution Policy Option. Endowment committee needs to be involved for policy.

130th Anniversary Celebration: meal all set, posters/tickets ready. Youth helping and will have a bake sale at time of dinner. Youth will lead games and bouncy house for children. Ross and Marta Nelson are playing Swedish music for event.

Connie Linder and Lynn Schultz are coordinating meeting scheduled for April 23rd. They will be contacting people who have check books for the various groups and committes so everyone knows who is responsible for keeping track of funds, where the funds are, and who can write checks.

Martha Strecker talked to Connie Linder for funds for a piano humidifier. Pat Remer will contact Fred Meissner to order and install. Money is availa-ble in Memorial Fund. There is also a small Carillon fund to help pay part of the repair of our bells.

Itonya Water Project-excellent presentation by U of M students! A total of $4048 was donated that day for the project!

New Business:

MSP by council to increase hours of Administrative Assistant by 4 hours per week.

Building usage request from Wild River State Park for concert June 30th, 4-11pm. MSP to approve. Steve Blomquist will do sound that evening, Steve Peterson will find volunteers to move piano b/4 performance.


Financial- Mark Weslander reviewed the weekly and monthly report with council. Weekly report will be in the bulletin, so all congregation are up to date with finances.

Pastor's- Need a new leader for VBS this year. Looking into possibility of getting leaders from Luther Pt. To lead week. Need to advertise and have good attendance. With their leadership still will need parent participation. Planning on 1st week of August for this summer. (July 30th-August 3rd). Looking into options for paying for Luther Pt. Counselors......will get more information and discuss at May council meeting.

MSP to approve reports.

Committee Reports:

Christian Ed- had one meeting and 2nd planned

Finance-reviewed reports. All bills current as of 4/8/17.

Memorial- scholarship deadline is April 30th. Meeting May 8th to award scholarships.


Property- damage to garage with last storm. Clay will check with insurance agent for coverage and deductible. Getting bid for replacement of part of sidewalk. Checking on railing for sidewalk by driveway. Council recom-mends that both sides need railing. Discussing better signage for church at next property meeting. Going to discuss painting of upstairs rooms: gather-ing area, hallway, and 2 stairways...will ask WELCA for input on color at their April meeting.

Stewardship- 130th anniversary plans on schedule

Worship and Music-reviewed report

Youth-busy planning Easter breakfast and planning mission trrip

Task Force Reports

Fund Raising

Communion and Securing the offering:

May 7th- Martha Strecker, Clay Ryberg, Steve Blomquist

May 21st- Don Noyes, Bob Stirling, Steve Peterson

MSP to adjourn at 10pm.

Meeting closed with Lord's Prayer.

Respectfully Submitted,

Martha Strecker, Council Secretary



Each confirmed member is asked to fill out and return your membership update form. Forms are in the March & April newsletters and available in the back of the Sanctuary. Return tray is in the sanc-tuary or return to the church office. We are missing some birthdates, anniversary dates, middle names, children and current contact infor-mation so your response is important for our records. Thank You! -Church Council and ILC Technology Committee

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