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Immanuel Church Council Meeting Minutes 4/9/2018

Meeting called to order at 6:59 pm by President Steve Peterson Present: Steve Peterson, Don Noyes, Dana Johnson, Royce Chinander, Bob Stirling, Diane Rothe, Lynn Schultz, Shannon Lindgren. Absent: Pastor Marla Opening prayer given by Steve Peterson MSP approved March Council Meeting Minutes

Old Business:

Leadership retreat was discussed in length that was held March 24th, lead by Joe Lees from the Synod. Thank you to all that attended. It was very well presented, the video was excellent and the overall outcome was beneficial. The pages detailing the discussion points from the meeting should be emailed to all that attended. The email should Include a survey asking what 3 points really stood out to them, inquire if they would be willing to do another session to follow up on the retreat and if they have any other feedback or input. The pages of discussion points should be condensed into a few major areas of focus that can be turned into actions steps which could be incorporated into Vision 2020. One action step proposed was to seek ways to engage service group members that help when asked but otherwise are not active in church.

Family in Need $2,100 has been collected for the family in need so far. Thank you to all who have contributed. Pastor and Lynn will be meeting with them to discuss their situation.

Shared Ministry Meeting will be held at Zion Lutheran in Chisago, April 16th. The meal will be at 5:00pm with the meeting to begin at 5:30pm. All are welcome to attend. (Snow caused a reschedule to May 7, 5-7pm.)

Mutual Ministry Sharing Three points that were suggested or noted are: that new or unfamiliar hymns would be best sung only when the choir is present, that Pastor Marla reads the Gospel and if volunteers are available, that a lay person or the youth could fill in when Pastor is gone and save the cost of hiring another pastor to lead worship. Diane will take the first two items to the Worship and Music Committee.

The third item will be looked into further. MSP to adopt the "Tithing Beyond Our Walls" form to document and record requests/approvals of money distributed from this fund.

New Business .

Tithing Beyond Our Walls

Pres. Steve Peterson stated that one project Luther Point is looking at undertaking is remodeling their kitchen. He proposed that $2,000 from the Tithing Beyond Our Walls fund be donated to Luther Point with the specific designation of "Kitchen Remodeling Fund" donation and the application form to be completed. Hopefully this will kick start the fund raising for this project. MSP to approve this

Building Use Request MSP approved Steve Blomquist June 18th - 21st 8:00am - 12pm for firearms safely class. Theresa Carlson, May 20, 2018 11:45am - 2:30pm for Quintin and Ethan's family confirmation party.

Reports Finance Reviewed monthly spreadsheet. The process for Stephanie Wendell to get the bills to pay on time was discussed. Currently they are given to Pastor Marla then given to Stephanie. Steve will discuss changing this process with Pastor to insure all bills are paid on time. Going forward, copies of Stephanie's financial report should go to all council members.

Property A new vacuum was purchased due to the old one not working correctly. Don Noyes stated it will be paid for by Property funds.The report of loose flashing is being looked into. They are waiting for an estimate and options for repairing brick work on both sides of the steps. The area behind the stage was discussed regarding the mold problem. Duct work runs through that room making it more difficult to manage. Don will look into options to deal with the room including stripping the old plaster off and waterproofing. One problem with the speaker in the nursery was resolved but it is still finicky about working. Steve and Don will continue to check it out. Recycling all the old electronics around church will get done this spring. Diane said Best Buy will take old electronics at no charge. Steve Blomquist and Lynn will work on gathering these items together.

Worship and Music The Holy Hootenanners are scheduled for April 22nd.

Communion and Securing Offering

May 6th - Steve Peterson, Lynn Schultz, Dana Johnson
May 20th - Bob Stirling, Don Noyes, Royce Chinander
Host to Guest Pastor, Joe Lees,
May 13th - Diane Rothe Closed with the Lord's Prayer MSP to adjourn at 9:20 pm.
Respectfully Submitted, Shannon Lindgren, Council Secretary

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