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Notes from Momoh:



COME AND MAKE "SPECIAL MUSIC" THIS SUMMER! We welcome any musicians or singers from Immanuel or our community to provide summer music. Give me a call and we can work together on some special music for a service! I look forward to hearing from you. -Momoh Freeman, Choral Director -763-647-9019!


On May 21, the day of Immanuel’s Senior Choir worship service, two Liberian friends of Momoh contributed to our music. Willie Johnson sang a solo, backed by the senior choir, Gordon Mitchell directed the choir, and Momoh accompanied. These three talented musicians all came together first in a refugee camp in Ghana. Willie told their story to the congrega-tion. Here is a summary of that powerful story.

Our Story – By Willie Johnson

It was 27 years ago that we found ourselves fleeing from our home country Liberia, to some place we only heard about Ghana, West Africa. This all happened because the senseless civil war killed, raped, separated families and made us Liberian refugees. As we fled by way of a ship called "Bob Challenge", we had no idea of how many of our families or neighbors would have made it.

In Ghana, we slept in tents, stood in very long lines for a few spoonful of beans, rice, fruits and had to walk two to five miles to get drinking water. Nevertheless, we were hopeful that God would be our peace in the midst of our storms.

Though we were very ignorant and young, we realized that life held new beginnings. While hustling through the land of this far distance country, we somehow believed that God would have made a way. As we sojourned in the refugee camp for over ten years and looking for the day to return and unite with our families, we felt all hope was lost; thus waking up morning after morning to the same o’ hustle. Our prayers were, "Lord we come this far by faith and believing that you will be our peace in the midst of our storm. Give us a chance to make a change in this life for a better tomorrow."

Through it all, God was with us. Music brought us together during this dark time. We sang together in a choir, directed by Gordon with Momoh as the accompanist. Singing God’s love in a foreign land filled us with hope and joy. And by God’s grace we are reunited here in Minnesota. We are happy to share our music with you today.

Psalm 100 : 1-2 says Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all the earth. Worship the Lord with gladness; come into his presence with singing.

We will be having our year end concert May 14, 2017, 9:30am at Immanuel Lutheran Church. We will be doing pieces by Mark Hayes, the late Moses Hogan and Pepper Choplin. We will also have a guest soloist and director. Come and be blessed.

Momoh Freeman, Immanuel Organist and Choir Director I will need singers and instrumentalist to come play with me this summer, it doesn't matter, old or young. if you have any questions you can call me at 763-647-9019

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If you would like to be considered the "official photographer" for the church or a regular contributor, please let Pastor Marla or Merrie know. Bring your camera (regular camera or on your phone) every week to catch the action and when we anticipate extra special "photo ops" we will let you know! Email address are: Imcal@frontiernet.net or to Pastor Marla via email at PastorMarla@ImmanuelAlmelund.org

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