March 2019

Thank you to those helping with the Worship Services!


Ushers Acolyte Tech Greeters Readers Children’s Sermon

Mar 3

Jim & Linda Mielke Matthew Wendel Nancy Nadeau Martha Strecdker Kris Koran Pastor Peter Harrits
Ash Wed Mar 6 Julie Weller & Deb Krengel Kaitlin Carlson 11 Tracy
7 Steve
11 Mary Johnson
7 Merrie Tolzmann

Mar 10

Wayne & Tora Carlson Alexie Koran Steve Blomquist Jeske Noordergraaf Jeske Noordergraaf Jeske Noordergraaf
Wed Mar 13 Julie Weller & Deb Krengel Philip Larson Tracy Tolzmann 11 Mary Johnson
7 Kris Koran

Mar 17

Jim & Linda Mielke Carter Rothe Tracy Tolzmnn Jim & Linda Mielke Jim Mielke Need
Julie Weller & Deb Krengel Matthew Wendel Steve Blomquist 11 Mary Johnson
7 Tracy Tolzmann
Sun. Mar 24 Jim & Linda Mielke Kaitlin Carlson Nancy Nadeau Joanne Johnson Mary Johnson Diane Rothe
Wed Mar 27 Julie Weller & Deb Krengel Alexie Doran Steve Blomquist 11 Mary Johnson
7Kris Koran
Sun. Mar 31 Wayne & Tora Carlson Philip Larson Steve Blomquist Wayne & Tora Carlson Tracy Tolzmann Diane Rothe


LEADERS FOR THE MONTH OF MARCH: Head Usher: Deb Krengel Altar Guild: Martha Strecker & Loraine Rue Communion Servers/Secure Offering: March 3rd - Shannon Lindgren, Marty Johnson, Dana Johnson March 6 Ash Wednesday - 11am Steve Peterson, 7pm Shannon Lindgren March 17th - Dave Rue, Diane Rothe, Perry Lindberg Home Made Communion Bread: (supply in freezer,) Ash Wed-Lori Haag Communion Wine: Alan & Judy Olson/Wild Mountain Winery Offering Counters: Pat Remer, Alice Burnside, Deb Krengel COFFEE SERVERS FOR 10:30 COFFEE TIME AFTER SUNDAY WORSHIP! Mar. 3 Mar. 10 Mar. 17 Mar. 24 Mar. 31 Tanzania Sunday, W&M committee Server Needed Server Needed Server Needed Server Needed



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