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Our Christian Love and Sympathy to DeAnn and Rod and their families on the death of their mother Kathy Strenke on Friday., November 17.  Her funeral is set for Sat., December 2 at 11am at Immanuel.  Visitation will be from 4-7pm on Fri., Dec. 1 at Grandstrand’s in Lindstrom and at 10am at church before the service.  Please keep them in your prayers as they mourn their loss and celebrate her life with us.

Sunday, November 26, 2017 –Christ the King Sunday! Travel through the church year with music and scripture from every season. Dedication of Prayer shawls!

Worship at Immanuel is full of wonderful moments, that inspire and fill us with the excitement of faith in Jesus, in a community of believers! Come and worship every Sunday.


We have a new ministry group at Immanuel—In October a young adult ministry group started—which will meet occasionally throughout the year. Please be sure to watch newsletters and bulletins for more info and the next time they plan to meet.



"Sing to him, sing praises to him, tell of all his wonderful works." -1 Chronicles 16.9

We rehearse on Wednesdays, 6:30-7:30 in the Sanctuary. We are beginning to rehearse for Christmas! If you have questions—call Momoh (763) 647-9019



Elsie Nord Bequest To Immanuel Lutheran Church

In loving remembrance and great gratitude Immanuel Lutheran Church re-ceives the unrestricted bequest (gift) from Elsie Nord. God moved her to be gen-erous with the blessings He bestowed upon her in life. Let us always prayerfully consider the use of this gift to continue doing God's will here at Immanuel.

The church council developed the following Gift Acceptance Policy for Bequests over $5,000 in July, 2017.

Immanuel Lutheran Church Gift Acceptance Policy

Policy for Distribution of Unrestricted Bequests/Gifts Over $5,000

Adopted August 7, 2017

10% Tithed outside our walls

20% Endowment Fund

20% Emergency Fund

20% Ministry of Youth and Family programs (separate from Youth Group funds)

30% Building, Maintenance or Debt Funds

Note: These policies are subject to change upon Church Council approval.

The Church Council has the final say in how bequests will be distributed.

Money designated for the Emergency Fund that is then utilized, should be repaid to the fullest extend possible, to said fund by the congregation in the same fiscal year. Any building, maintenance or debt project expenditures will be matched dollar for dollar by the congregation.

This policy will be reviewed every March by the church council.

*These various funds may be held in conservative investment accounts to earn interest until the funds may be needed.

Elsie Nord Bequest to October 19, 2017

Amount received: $180,000

Cemetery loan repayment: $8,000

Amount remaining to be allocated: $172,000

Note: There will be a small final distribution after taxes and attorney fees are paid.

Using the Gift Acceptance Policy, Elsie's money has been designated as follows:

Tithe Outside Our Walls $17,200

Endowment Fund $34,400 *Currently invested in ELCA Endowment Trust

Emergency Fund $34,400

Youth and Family Programs $34,400

Building, Maintenance, or Debt Funds $51,600

*Church Council has determined that rather than have large balances sitting in these accounts most money will be invested in Thrivent's Moderately Conserva-tive Allocation Fund until it is needed.

Elsie's bequest has come to Immanuel in three distributions and some of the money has gone into the above mentioned funds already. The most notable and concerning is the amount of money placed in the Emergency Fund of which $16,000 has been spent to meet expenses over the summer. September 2017 giv-ing was the lowest it has been in years. When giving is generous money should be repaid to the Emergency Fund so it is indeed used in emergencies, not for meeting monthly expenses.


One of the great joys of partnership with the Iringa Diocese (DIRA) is watching those who have received secondary school scholarships grow in their abilities to make amazing contributions to their parishes and to the wider community in Iringa. Once again it's time for those of us in St. Paul to make our pledges of sup-port to these educational programs in Iringa. In addition to continuing to sponsor secondary school scholarships for your partner congregation, please consider the following additional ways to support the entire educational process in DIRA.

The BKB Post Secondary Scholarship Program provides scholarships to high achieving individuals who have been endorsed by their Tanzanian parish and have been accepted into university or post-secondary programs in areas of study that include theology, education, and health care as well as community develop-ment, environmental engineering, business and law in accordance with the priori-ties/needs determined by Diocese leadership.

Education Infrastructure Projects update and repair DIRA schools that have crumbling buildings and dormitories where kids may sleep three to a bed. The Scholarship and Education Working Group consults with leaders in the Iringa Diocese to determine a project to work on in partnership. The first project, two science labs for Lutangilo Secondary School, is about 90% complete. We are conferring with DIRA leaders to determine our next project.

Teacher Training has been conducted through a partnership between BKB and Mwangaza. The focus of the training is to give educators the skills to improve student outcomes and also share their new skills with other staff members.

The Equity Fund provides scholarships to students in the 28 un-partnered DIRA parishes. The plan is to provide at least 2 scholarships to each un-partnered parish for qualified students who are endorsed by their parish councils.

Secondary Scholarships are awarded at the parish level according to crite-ria for selection developed by BKB and the Iringa diocese.

If Immanuel members would individually like to contribute to any of these funds please contact Pastor Marla and she will help you make that happen.

It is a privilege to partner with the people of the Iringa Diocese in this way. Those of us who have had the good fortune to see the buildings we have completed to-gether, and meet with these students, can attest to the impact your gifts have on the lives of the students and their parishes. Thank you for walking alongside our neighbors and making a big difference in so many lives.


The Rev. Lynda Thompson, On behalf of the Iringa Scholarship and Education Committe



IMMANUEL CONNECTION Watch your bulletin for the next gathering!

Donate to Care Packages for students and military from Immanuel!

Being away from home can be lonely for our young people who are off at school or in the military. What would be more welcome than a care package from people back home? This fall our Parish Care Team is preparing care packages to send to our young adults who are away at school or in the military. We will be gathering small, lightweight items that are easy to mail. You can contribute by putting items in the box in the gathering area by early October. Suggested items include: Energy bars, Nuts, Mints, Cup of soup, Beef jerky, Hand lotion, Lip balm, Cookies, Tea, Popcorn, Fudge, Single serving hot chocolate, Crystal light drink packets, $5 gift card for gas or fast food, Surprise us! The other way you can be helpful is to provide addresses for young adults who are away. Please share their addresses with Pastor Marla or Merrie Tolzmann. If you have questions talk with Parish Care Team members: Judy Nelson, Darlene Anderson, Julie Weller, Gina Sapp, or Pastor Marla.

Christ in Our Homes—Devotionals Available in Large Print Edition or Audio CDs Do you or someone you know find it hard to read the tiny print in your devotional booklet? Christ in Our Homes is available in a Large Print and also on Audio CDs. If you would find it helpful to get it one of these ways, please let one of our Parish Care Team leaders, Judy Nelson or Darlene Anderson, know. The Parish Care Team will order these devotionals in which-ever format you find most helpful.



Please keep our friends and prayer-partners in Itonya in your prayers. Keep the water project in your prayers also! Pray for safety and blessings to all those who are working on the project and those who are awaiting it’s completion!




? Making A Joyful Noise, Together

As you may know, Immanuel’s Choir Director Momoh Freeman also shares his musical talents with another congregation. After worship at Immanuel he often drives to Brooklyn Park to play for that church’s service. On an upcoming date you’re invited to visit Ebenezer Community Church and hear some inspiring music.

This is the choir concert for Ebenezer and some special things are being planned. For this concert singers and musicians from Immanuel will join the Ebenezer choir in song. Included on the program is a gospel song written by Randy Amborn, "God’s Surprises"; featuring a solo from Merrie Tolzmann.

Ebenezer Community Church is a Baptist church whose congregation comes primarily from Liberia or other African backgrounds. Pastor Marla and Randy recently visited, and received a warm welcome and enjoyed some powerful music.

Please consider this unique and uplifting experience.

Date has not been set as yet—please watch your bulletin or the website for final date and details! Plan to carpool.

Ebenezer Community Church

9200 W Broadway Ave, Brooklyn Park

Here is a link to view a video of God’s Surprises, composed by Randy Amborn




SEND US YOUR PICTURES! we would like to add more photos of our ministry around our church! As you are involved with things at church or with people from church please submit pictures to the church office or Pastor Marla! Snap a pic and send a jpeg!

Endowment Fund








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