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Pastor Marla Amborn Office: 651-583-2340, Cell: 651-315-3354

Email: Please call Pastor Marla during office hours or email her if you or loved ones have pastoral care needs. In an emergency call her cell phone anytime, day or night.







Presidental Ponderings… by the Immanuel Lutheran Church Council President

Be sure to notice the front steps when you come to church next time. The repair and rebuilding project is complete for the entry stairs on the front of the building. I think the project looks great! We look forward to August 5 when Jason and DeeDee Fredlund, our Youth Directors and the Youth Group will give a presentation sharing the highlights of their mission trip. A big thank you to Jason, DeeDee and the chaperones that accompanied the youth, as well as the youth themselves, as they all worked very hard to make this trip possible.

I encourage everyone to invite family and friends to attend our Vacation Bible School, August 13-16. Bring your grandchildren, neigh-borhood kids and relatives to VBS along with your own kids. Our kick off Community BBQ and Teddy Bear Band Concert will be on August 13.

God’s blessing to you all,


YOUTH GROUP MISSION NEWS! The Youth Group completed another GREAT mission trip this year. We were able to fix/paint 4 houses in 4 days. The kids worked hard! We will share more at the Aug 5th Sunday worship service so make sure to come!!




Sunday School Teacher meeting—Aug. 19, after worship.

Parent Meeting for Youth and Confirmation—August 22, 6:30 PM

Confirmation classes for students starting 6th and 7th grade and older will begin this fall. If you have a child this age or know of a grandchild, relative, or neighbor who would like to be part of our Confirmation program, please let them know about our parent meet-ing and also let Pastor Marla know so we can mail them an invitation.

Jason and DeeDee will also talk about Youth Group for grades 6-12 and the plans for the coming year. Lots of good things are happening for our youth. Please come and find out about it and be part of it!

Nursery Volunteers Jesus loved the little children. Do you, love them too? Might you be willing to volunteer in the nursery on occasional Sunday mornings? If so, please let Pastor Marla know. We need nursery volunteers beginning again in Septem-ber. The more helpers we have the less frequently any one person needs to help. Thanks for your willingness to support the young children and young families of Immanuel.


SAVE THE DATE! The 4th Annual Almelund Sampler October 14, 2018

Put October 14 on your calendar and plan to attend the 4th annual Almelund Sampler.

3:00 Concert, 4:30 Auction, 5:30 Dinner

We will be collecting auction items in September and October. Please let the church office know about large items early so they can be listed in publicity. Come and bring the whole family to support the church at this fun community event. Celebrate Almelund culture at the Almelund Sampler!



Tanzania Trip 2019

You’ve seen the pictures and heard the stories. Might this be your turn to experience it for yourself? We are investigating the interest in having a group from Immanuel travel to Tanza-nia to visit our companion congregation in 2019. Does this perk your interest? If so, talk with Pastor Marla.



"ALMELUND Night On The Town" Fridays, August 1st & 31st. Music in Triangle Park will be provided by The Inter-State Band from 6-7:00pm. [In case of rain, concert will be held at the Amador Town Hall.] Meet up with your friends for an old-fashioned community get-together. Bring your lawn chairs, blankets, a picnic supper. Don't want to cook? Order a pizza or a sub sandwich from Rod's Country Corner, or stop in the Almelund Mercantile where "Sausage on a Stick" and Root Beer Floats are available. Don't miss the Farmer's Market, located at Rod's and held Fridays from 3-6:00pm during the summer months. Take a stroll through the Amador Heritage Center grounds. At 7pm we will meet at the Log Barn Cinema on the Heritage grounds for a dose of great old Comedy movies from the "Golden Age of Cinema!" Celebrate Alme-lund, "The Busiest Small Town In Minnesota!"



Join the Immanuel Prayer Chain—Contact Darlene Anderson! To join the phone chain call 651-583-3153 (let it ring) or the email Prayer Chain:


My Girl Scout Troop #56332 is working on a Bronze Award which we earn by helping people in the community. We would like you to donate books to our book drive this summer and we will have a bin in the Gathering Area to help us with this. We are collecting used books to use for a book group we are starting at the Chisago Library, possibly called Book Marks - make your mark higher on a book. Through this group we plan to read to some kids and help other kids to read and get better at reading. We are collecting books to use in the book group for ages 3-11. We have decided to collect books for all ages as well to give away to shelters and senior groups. So if you donate books to the book drive, you are not only helping me and my troop, you'll be helping the kids in our book group and others around the community as well! Thank you, Kaitlin and Girl Scout Troop #56332



Cemetery Note…Please do not put wind spinners on the graves in our cemetery—the Almelund wind is too strong and breaks them apart and they get stuck in the mower. Do not plant flowers on the foot of the graves. Flowers will be moved to the head of graves for mowing purposes. Thanks, Daryl Abrahamson, Almelund Cemetery Groundskeeper. (Thanks to Daryl & Julie for keeping our Cemetery so beautiful!)

RECYCLING of ALUMINUM POP CANS– Aug 5 at church —thanks for participating in this simple fund raiser for church!

YOUR PICTURES! we would like to see your photos of our ministry! As you are involved with things at church or with people from church please submit pictures to the church office or Pastor Marla’s email! Snap a pic and send a jpeg and a description of the photos!! Thanks!



CHECK OUT YOUR CHURCH LIBRARY! You may find just the right thing to read while you are on vacation this summer!

Reading the Bible is important. Reading the Bible is a big deal! Whether we’re reading it alone or in community, whether we’re hearing it in worship, engaging in group Bible study or doing personal daily devotions, reading the Bible is important for our relationships with God, neighbors and ourselves.

The Bible is the primary way God’s Word—Jesus Christ—is revealed to Christians. In fact, Martin Luther referred to the Bible as the manger in which Jesus lies, for it delivers the good news of salvation through Christ, the faith we need to trust this good news, and the guidance we need to respond to this good news as disciples.

This message is an excerpt of "Reading the Bible for love" by Laurie A. Jungling in the April 2018 issue of Gather magazine.

From the last page of our pew Bibles here are some Bible readings that you may want to look at this month

God’s Promises of: Love—Matthew 10:30-31; John 3:16; John 15:9, 13; 1 John 4:9

Forgiveness—Luke 15:3-7; Acts 10:43; Ephesians 1:7; 1 John 1:9

Salvation—Matthew 1:21; Acts 16:31; Ephesians 2:8; Hebrews 7:25 Peace—John 14:27; Romans 5:1-2; Ephesians 2:14; 2 Thessalonians 3:16 Joy—John 15:10-11; John 16:22; Romans 16:13; 1 Peter 1:8 Blessing—John 1:16; John 10:10; Romans 8:28; Ephesians 1:3 If you or someone you know doesn’t have a Bible, please take one from the pew!



Letter from a Sponsored Student Luiangilo Secondary School

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Thank you for your continued support of secondary education in the Iringa Diocese of the ELCT. By working shoulder to shoulder with your companions in Iringa you are helping to equip a new genera-tion of leaders in Tanzania. Here are words of thanks from our 3 sponsored students. -The BKB Scholarship Team

Lutangilo Secondary School P.O. Box 523, Iringa January 23-24, 2018

Taranta Kikoti Dear Sponsor, I hope your fine and in my side am fine and I continue well with my studies. My name is Taranta Iaudosy Kikoti am a form two at Lutangilo Secondary School.

The aim of this letter is to say thank you for your sponsorship God be with you, and in my life I have dreams that after accom-plishing my studies I want to be a nurse. This is my dream and for long time I like much to play to sing and to dance also to do oth-er exercise for my body health, dear sponsor am praying for God that can help me to reach my goals and God be with you in your different jobs and works because I see you help to me. Thank for that: GOD BLESS YOU IN OUR LIFE. BE BLESSED. Your faithful Taranta Kikoti

Lidia Mbangile Dear Sponsor, It is my hope that you are fine. I am fine too and I’m well with my studies.

I am to say thank you for pane (paying) me money for school fees for this year. For my heart am feeling happy, also I want to say thank you for your good heart. God bless you because you pane me school fees for the year 2017 to now 2018. So I say thank you for all to sponsor student. God bless you for all your life.

Your Loved Lidia Mbangile.


Salome Mpogole

Dear Sponsor, I hope that your fine, but also myself am ok! The aim of writing this letter is to say thanks for sponsoring me since I was at form one up to form three and I hope that you may sponsor me up to form 4. In a help of God.

And I hope that I will study hard in order to achieve my goals. And after my studies I want to be a teacher. Because I’m studying hard may you God help you in your life and he will increase your years in the world in order to help another people.

Your beloved Salome Mpogole

HANDICAPPED/SENIOR PARKING SPACES IN THE UPPER, NORTH PARKING LOT. Property Committee has designated spaces in the north lot to be reserved for handicapped parking and seniors. Safe ac-cess from the north lot to the elevator is past the large front doors on the front of the church through the ground level access door. Please leave these spaces near the church for those who need them. Parking is available in the parsonage lot across from the church. Thanks.

Immanuel Prayer Chain. Please call Darlene Anderson at 651-583-3153 to start the prayer chain. Because Darlene uses a wheelchair, please let the phone ring 10 or so times before hanging up. If there is no answer, please leave a message. Darlene will return your call. If you have email you can email to start the prayer chain as well. Her email address is: Also-Let her know if you would like to join the prayer chain!


CHURCH NURSERY MINISTRY: If you Staff it They will Come! – (or so we hope)

A team of six people have volunteered to staff our nursery during Sunday worship. Starting in January the nursery was staffed each week, making it more welcoming for young families to attend worship. A big thank you to those who have volunteered. Please spread the word to those who have children of nursery age that they are welcome and invited to be part of our worship each week – and their kids will be well cared for.

Nursery Update…

The Nursery Volunteers will be available beginning at 9:15 each week. We’re stocked up with new toys and eager for young visitors. You are welcome to bring your small children to the nursery.

-Pastor Marla

When donating books to the Church Library please be sure to put your donations into the large basket in the Library and do not put books directly on to the shelves. The Library committee must take a look at them before they are put in our library. Keep Reading! Thanks!

Join us in the choir…

We need all the help we can get!


The YOUNG ADULTS group discussed a variety of possibilities moving forward – Bible studies on topics of interest at times that work, a summer camping weekend, a church baseball team, putting faith to work through a service project. This is a time to put your ideas forward and shape the direction of this group to meet your needs as this group is in its formative stages. Come and be part of it. Anyone who is confirmed and in their late teens, 20s, 30s, or 40s is welcome. Families are welcome. Singles are welcome. Friends are welcome. If you have ideas for an event or want more information please contact Matt Carlson at 651-247-2437 or


Endowment Fund








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