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Attention: The Library Committee will be hosting a Reformation 500 Bookstore sale from October 7th to November 4th in our Church Library. Our church will receive twenty books, regarding the Reformation, plus a selection of children’s books free from Augsburg Fortress to display and make available to our members to purchase for 50% off list price with free shipping. -The Library Committtee



All Saints Day-November 5 we will be celebrating the lives of the saints in our lives! We will remember the loved ones we have lost this year and those who have died in past years that we hold close in our hearts. There will be an opportunity during our worship service to come forward to light a candle in remembrance of our special loved ones.

Name of person(s) to be remembered or honored:

__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________

Your Name: _________________________________________

Given to this Memorial Fund: _________________________



Similar to the Easter Memorial Garden, please return this form to the church, along with your contribution by Sunday, October 29. Make check to Immanuel Lutheran Church Memorial Fund. Funds will be used as designated for your chosen Memorial Fund throughout the year. Thank you.

Note: Forms turned in after the Oct. 29 deadline will not be included in the All Saints Sunday memorials listing in the bulletin, but will be listed the next Sunday in the bulletin. Thank you!

All Saints Memorials

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Fellowship Hall Sound System Baptism Booklets (for parents and sponsors) Grief Booklets (for families members of those who have lost loved ones)

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IMMANUEL CONNECTION Watch your bulletin for the next gathering!

Donate to Care Packages for students and military from Immanuel!

Being away from home can be lonely for our young people who are off at school or in the military. What would be more welcome than a care package from people back home? This fall our Parish Care Team is preparing care packages to send to our young adults who are away at school or in the military. We will be gathering small, lightweight items that are easy to mail. You can contribute by putting items in the box in the gathering area by early October. Suggested items include: Energy bars, Nuts, Mints, Cup of soup, Beef jerky, Hand lotion, Lip balm, Cookies, Tea, Popcorn, Fudge, Single serving hot chocolate, Crystal light drink packets, $5 gift card for gas or fast food, Surprise us! The other way you can be helpful is to provide addresses for young adults who are away. Please share their addresses with Pastor Marla or Merrie Tolzmann. If you have questions talk with Parish Care Team members: Judy Nelson, Darlene Anderson, Julie Weller, Gina Sapp, or Pastor Marla.

Christ in Our Homes—Devotionals Available in Large Print Edition or Audio CDs Do you or someone you know find it hard to read the tiny print in your devotional booklet? Christ in Our Homes is available in a Large Print and also on Audio CDs. If you would find it helpful to get it one of these ways, please let one of our Parish Care Team leaders, Judy Nelson or Darlene Anderson, know. The Parish Care Team will order these devotionals in which-ever format you find most helpful.

Presidental Ponderingsby the Immanuel Lutheran Church Council President


I hope that all of you have been having a wonderful summer and have enjoyed the beautiful weather. I have heard from many people outside of the church how much they enjoyed the service provided at the annual Threshing Show. Pastor did a very meaningful sermon for those in attend-ance. It was also nice to see how the community members "pitch in" to help our local emergency agencies raise money to continue the valuable service they provide.

We met with Reverend Justin Grimm earlier in the month who has a position on the synod staff. The purpose of this meeting was to discuss our declining attendance and how we could work to maintain and encourage the return of our younger generation. He did point out to us that this situation is not unique to our church and seems to have become a trend in most Lutheran churches. He made several suggestions on how to draw members back in and encouraged us to start thinking "outside the box" when it comes to providing different services particularly Christian education offerings to our young adults and their children. The council would like to hear from that group on any suggestions they may have to improve this service to our members. One of the biggest concerns for the council at this time is not only the declining church attendance, but the lack of chil-dren attending Sunday school. It would be our hope that some suggestion/feedback from members would help us to improve participation.

God’s blessings,

Steve Peterson, Immanuel Church Council President



Attention: The library committee will be hosting a Reformation 500 Bookstore sale from October 7th to November 4th in our Church library. Our church will receive twenty books, regarding the Reformation, free from Augsburg Fortress to display and make available to our members to purchase for 50% off list price with free shipping. Look for the display coming in early September! The Library Committtee

Christ in Our Homes—Devotionals Available in Large Print Edition or Audio CDs

Do you or someone you know find it hard to read the tiny print in your devotional booklet? Christ in Our Homes is available in a Large Print and also on Audio CDs. If you would find it helpful to get it one of these ways, please let one of our Parish Care Team leaders, Judy Nelson or Darlene Anderson, know. The Parish Care Team will order these devotionals in whichever format you find most helpful.


A Pastoral Message After Charlottesville by Saint Paul Area Bishop Patricia Lull

Date posted: Monday 14 August 2017

Over the past two years I have written several pastoral messages and spoken at conference and synod assemblies about the soul work we need to do to address issues of racism and racial justice as people of faith. The killing of the nine persons at Mother Emmanuel Church in Charleston, the disproportionate incarceration of young African American males across this country, the shooting death of Philando Castile a year ago, violence toward recent immigrants in our state, threats against the Jewish Community Center in Saint Paul and the recent bombing of the Al Farooq Islamic Center in Bloomington reflect the same violent and hate-filled activity that fueled the gathering of white supremacist groups in Charlottesville, Virginia this past weekend.

Our country’s strength is reflected in the rule of law in which free speech and the expression of divergent opinions are undergirded by a common respect for eve-ry racial and ethnic group within this vast nation. When hate-filled speech is bor-rowed from the Nazi and fascist movements of the 20th century and parades of pro-testers armed with clubs and torches and other weapons march through a college town as an intimidating show of force, we are far afield from the principles of our nation’s democratic ideals. White supremacy is wrong. Anti-Semitism is wrong. An Islamophobic attack on the Muslim community in this country is wrong. Ignorance of and disrespect for the Native American community is wrong.

But all these are more than wrong in the sight of God. They are sinful and evil. As people of faith we know that every one of our neighbors is created in the image of God. Any political ideology which places one race as superior to others is a form of idolatry.

I speak of our call to soul work because we do need to reckon with the roots and fruits of the increasingly brittle divisions in our country. Addressing racism, rec-ognizing white privilege, standing against intimidation and violence is work we each must do. The Southern Poverty Law Center, a nationally recognized leader in addressing hate crimes, has pinpointed 10 active hate groups right here in Minneso-ta, several in the Twin Cities.

What can we do? We can begin in our homes and families. Our children and grandchildren deserve to grow up with a deep understanding of the dignity and beauty of all people. Not just people "like us" but all people. Talk to your children. Let them know why you are disturbed by events like those in Charlottesville. Talk to your adult siblings and in-laws, especially when racist or bigoted comments are made within your family gatherings.

Every congregation in this synod is a venue for deepening awareness, repent-ance and learning. I am confident that prayers have been voiced in all our congre-gations, decrying violence and calling for healing of our nation. Prayer is the right prelude to honest conversations about racism within our faith communities. Learn-ing through book studies, or field trips, or partnerships with other faith communities not just like our own, all lead a congregation to greater maturity. The wider commu-nity needs the faithful, public and clear witness of us Lutherans and all that we have learned about the sin of silence in the last century.

The places where we work and the places where we enjoy our leisure hours also need to be places where our deep, Christian commitments shine forth. If we can’t say aloud on Monday morning what we have lifted up in our prayers on Sun-day, we certainly have more soul work to do. There is nothing easy about the call to life in Christ. But there is everything life-giving in following the way of our crucified Lord.

As a bishop of the ELCA, I am grateful that other people of faith were present as peacemakers in Charlottesville this past Friday and Saturday. The three ELCA bishops who were there represented the deep convictions about the human dignity of every race and ethnicity that we share across this church body. It now behooves us to be as clear in our convictions and our daily actions in Minnesota as others were in Virginia.

Yours in Christ’s service, Bishop Patricia Lull

I add my voice to that of Bishop Lull. As Christians, we are commanded by Jesus to love one another. There is no room in the Christian heart for hatred, only love. In the Sermon on the Mount Jesus said "You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ But I say to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you" (Matthew 5:43-44). In this time in our nation when hatred is surfacing its ugly head, it is our responsibility not only not to participate in such hatred, but to actively speak out against it. If we hear someone making hateful racist remarks, it is our duty to speak out against it. Martin Luther King Jr. once said "Our lives begin to end the day we keep silent about things that matter." It is when good people keep silent that evil wins. Even as we speak out we are to do so in loving ways, as we love the sinner but hate the sin. The only power in this world that can really end hatred is love. Love is stronger than hate, love casts out fear. Speak truth in love. Be courageous. Don’t let the voices of hatred win. Be a voice for good. Pastor Marla



Please keep our friends and prayer-partners in Itonya in your prayers. Keep the water project in your prayers also! Pray for safety and blessings to all those who are working on the project and those who are awaiting it’s completion!




Do you like to shop online? Well now you can do it and help raise money for the Immanuel Youth Group. You can shop from hundred's of brands/stores from clothing, gifts, food, hotels, and even airfare. A percentage of what you spend will be automatically donated to the youth group to help them with events such at their winter retreat, lock-in and of course our yearly mission trip! It's so easy, all you have to do is log into, search for Immanuel Youth Group and start shopping! If you have any ques-tions, please feel free to ask DeeDee




? Making A Joyful Noise, Together

As you may know, Immanuel’s Choir Director Momoh Freeman also shares his musical talents with another congregation. After worship at Immanuel he often drives to Brooklyn Park to play for that church’s service. On an upcoming date you’re invited to visit Ebenezer Community Church and hear some inspiring music.

This is the choir concert for Ebenezer and some special things are being planned. For this concert singers and musicians from Immanuel will join the Ebenezer choir in song. Included on the program is a gospel song written by Randy Amborn, "God’s Surprises"; featuring a solo from Merrie Tolzmann.

Ebenezer Community Church is a Baptist church whose congregation comes primarily from Liberia or other African backgrounds. Pastor Marla and Randy recently visited, and received a warm welcome and enjoyed some powerful music.

Please consider this unique and uplifting experience.

Date has not been set as yet—please watch your bulletin or the website for final date and details! Plan to carpool.

Ebenezer Community Church

9200 W Broadway Ave, Brooklyn Park

Here is a link to view a video of God’s Surprises, composed by Randy Amborn



From the Music Department!

Momoh Freeman, ILC Organist & Music Director-763-647-9019

ILC CHOIR REHEARSALS BEGIN ON WED., SEPTEMBER 6 FROM 6:30-7:30. New singers welcome. We will be singing at Ebenezer Community Church. See notice above. If you have questions call Momoh at 763-647-9019.

CLEAR THE DECKS! Sarah Circle is planning a clean up/out of the church later this fall. We would like to ask all groups that have storage in the church to place all items you would like to toss in the old basement back by the kitchen. We plan to clean up the old kitchen and the little stage and any overflow areas.



SEND US YOUR PICTURES! we would like to add more photos of our ministry around our church! As you are involved with things at church or with people from church please submit pictures to the church office or Pastor Marla! Snap a pic and send a jpeg!

Attention Readers… make sure to check out the many book selections in the Immanuel Library. Please let us know what titles/authors you'd be interested in seeing in our Library. Thanks! -The Library Committee

Mark Your Calendar:

IMMANUEL CONNECTION is coming back! Sat., September 23 , 1-3 P.M. at THE SWEDISH INN in Lindstrom! Come for this time to get to know one another better—all ages are welcome! You can bring a friend! If you would like to carpool, meet in the Immanuel parking lot at 1:40. If you need a ride call Darlene Anderson 651-583-3153 or Judy Nelson 651-674-5920. See you there!



Illuminated Immanuel, our church's American Cancer Society Relay for Life team will be selling luminaries every Sunday in Septem-ber after church and we will be serving coffee, and dedicating the luminaries on 9/24/17, the Sunday be-fore the Relay. The Relay will be held on Saturday, Sept 30th from 2- 8:30 at the Almelund Threshing grounds. And then there is going to be a barn dance starting at 9 pm featuring the band, Farmers Daughters. Who is invited? Everyone who has been touched by cancer.

For more info contact Jeske Noordergraaf @ or call 651-583-3159

Endowment Fund








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