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CONGRATULATIONS GRADS! Sun., June 3, 9:30 Recognition of H.S. Graduates at our worship service, Scholarships given. Families encouraged to attend. Reception following worship service!

Anna Abbott, Kyle Andersen, Ryan Armstrong, Kate DeVault, Abigail Johnson, Emily Olson, Jacob Peper God Bless you!


Free concert! ?? TOUR 2018 TRIO CON BRIO STOCKHOLM

Presents "Unlimited Music – The Scandinavian Way"

Tues., June 26, 7:00 p.m. Immanuel Lutheran Church

Free will offering received, Refreshments served in the Fellowship Hall following the concert. Invite your friends to join you!


Carina Cederwall, flute

Jan Holmgren, oboe/English horn

Stig Andersson, piano

Our cd:s will be available after the concert at $10



Surprise Me: A 30 Day Faith Experiment (book study) Weds., 10:30-11:30 on June 6 & 12, July 11 & 18

At The Lodge of Taylors Falls - 1051 Mulberry St., Taylors Falls You are invited to be part of book study with others in nearby congregations as part of the Chisago County shared ministry initiative. Pastor Mary Kay Ashley of First Lutheran in Taylors Falls will be leading a 7-week study on the book "Surprise Me: A 30-Day Faith Experiment" by Terry Esau, which is about prayer and risking faith. The book is free and so are refreshments, thanks to a grant from the St. Paul Area Synod.

To learn more or to sign up, or request a book, contact Pastor Mary Kay by phone at 612-532-7083 or email at



Letter from a Sponsored Student Luiangilo Secondary School

wpe6.jpg (32220 bytes)

P.O Box 523, Iringa

Dear Sponsor, 6th February, 2017 I have great pleasure to greet you. It is my hope that you fine. To my side I am very fine and I continue well with my studies. The aim of this letter to you is to say thanks to you for supporting me in my studies as a Talanta Kikoti. I study in form one class. I just want to say thank you for sponsoring me to in provining support for things like school. This which help me to get education in this school. In my studies I like most science subjects like physics, basic mathematics, chemistry, biology, and also geography.

I have nothing to say and nothing to give you but I will make sure that I study hard and performing well so as to make you real happy and having a good heart to me in case of continuous help to me more and more.

Thank you and I believe that one day I will visit you so as to know where you are living.

Thank your faithful Talanta Kikoti

Sponsored girls from Itonya! The original letter is hanging on the bulletin board outside Pastor’s office.



For any church member pursuing a post-secondary education, with an emphasis on, but not limited to, Education and Christian Education.

Ray & Dory Johnson

In memory of Ray Johnson and in honor of Dory Johnson Especially for, but not limited to, those going into the senior year of college or beyond, with an emphasis on medicine.

If you are a member of Immanuel and are continuing your education you are eligible to apply for a scholarship. Applications must be into the church office by April 30th. Scholarships will be awarded in early June.

HANDICAPPED/SENIOR PARKING SPACES IN THE UPPER, NORTH PARKING LOT. Property Committee has designated spaces in the north lot to be reserved for handicapped parking and seniors. Safe ac-cess from the north lot to the elevator is past the large front doors on the front of the church through the ground level access door. Please leave these spaces near the church for those who need them. Parking is available in the parsonage lot across from the church. Thanks.

Immanuel Prayer Chain. Please call Darlene Anderson at 651-583-3153 to start the prayer chain. Because Darlene uses a wheelchair, please let the phone ring 10 or so times before hanging up. If there is no answer, please leave a message. Darlene will return your call. If you have email you can email to start the prayer chain as well. Her email address is: Also-Let her know if you would like to join the prayer chain!

Bring your aluminum drink cans to church for recycling on the First Sunday of each month! Raise money for church and save the world! Children are encouraged to get involved in this project, too!

CHURCH NURSERY MINISTRY: If you Staff it They will Come! – (or so we hope)

A team of six people have volunteered to staff our nursery during Sunday worship. Starting in January the nursery was staffed each week, making it more welcoming for young families to attend worship. A big thank you to those who have volunteered. Please spread the word to those who have children of nursery age that they are welcome and invited to be part of our worship each week – and their kids will be well cared for.

Nursery Update…

The Nursery Volunteers will be available beginning at 9:15 each week. We’re stocked up with new toys and eager for young visitors. You are welcome to bring your small children to the nursery.

-Pastor Marla

When donating books to the Church Library please be sure to put your donations into the large basket in the Library and do not put books directly on to the shelves. The Library committee must take a look at them before they are put in our library. Keep Reading! Thanks!

Join us in the choir…

We need all the help we can get!


The YOUNG ADULTS group discussed a variety of possibilities moving forward – Bible studies on topics of interest at times that work, a summer camping weekend, a church baseball team, putting faith to work through a service project. This is a time to put your ideas forward and shape the direction of this group to meet your needs as this group is in its formative stages. Come and be part of it. Anyone who is confirmed and in their late teens, 20s, 30s, or 40s is welcome. Families are welcome. Singles are welcome. Friends are welcome. If you have ideas for an event or want more information please contact Matt Carlson at 651-247-2437 or

Presidental Ponderings… by the Immanuel Lutheran Church Council President


I had the opportunity to mentor two of our young men who will be confirmed this month. It was a learning experience for me to have some meaningful discussion with them about faith. I gave some examples to them from my past experiences and events that had shown me the power of faith and God’s hand protecting and helping me. I felt it to be a very meaningful experience for me as a mentor and I hope that they felt the same.

I want to thank the volunteers who have diligently removed snow during this what seems to be a never ending winter. During the weekend of the blizzard, I happened to be out of town and debated if I should try and contact Marla to discuss cancelling services as some others in the area had done. I want to thank Pastor Marla for her dedication in seeing that the service went on as planned as she spent Saturday night at the church! By service time on Sunday the parking lot and sidewalks were cleared for the 23 worshippers who braved the weather to attend.

Blessings to all and hope to see you in church. Steve

Steve Peterson


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