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Pastor’s Perspective

January 2018

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Pastor Marla Amborn
Office: 651-583-2340
Cell: 651-315-3354



"A good journey begins with knowing where you are and being willing to go somewhere else." Richard Rohr

Some of the most intriguing characters of the Christmas story are the wise men. They are people who had a sense of something special happening, who set off on a long journey, led only by a star. How foolish these wise men must have seemed! Who does that? Who leaves their home and their families and their commitments for a destination unknown, led only by the hope that a star would guide them?

Following God’s path can be difficult. Having the faith to set off in a new direction, not knowing where God is leading, is unsettling. It takes you away from everything you know and brings you to places unknown.

Yet it was only by leaving home on this journey that the wise men got to meet Jesus. It was only by traveling unfamiliar roads that they came to the place that God led them. And when they arrived, they were so overcome by being in God’s presence, they fell to their knees and worshipped the infant king. They gave him gifts. The were changed forever, and went home another way – literally and spiritually.

Where is God guiding us – in our own lives and as a congregation? Where is God asking us to have the faith to follow his light, to leave the familiar and venture to new places?

Faith is a journey. Faith takes us from places that are comfortable and fa-miliar into new and unknown territory. Faith asks us to bravely step out and trust God’s guidance. Faith asks us to risk the unknown so that we might meet God face-to-face, so that we might share our gifts, so that we might bow in worship, and go home another way. Faith asks us to trust that God is leading us, even if there is only the light of his love to follow.

May we learn the lessons of faith demonstrated by the wise men. May we faithfully follow God’s light wherever it leads us.

In Christ’s service,

Pastor Marla