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Sing, Sew, Stitch in the New Year!

SUNSHINE SINGERS SCHEDULE No Sunshine Singer activities scheduled in March.

IMMANUEL QUILTERS SEWING DAY Immanuel quilters will meet 10am-3pm, Tuesday, March 19. Super potluck at noon! Everyone welcome, no experience required! Friends provided!

PRAYER SHAWL MINISTRY The Prayer Shawl ministry will be meeting on March 6 at 1:30 & 20 at 1:00 (after the Lenten service and luncheon.) in the Fireside room Prayer Shawls well be dedicated on Sunday, March 10! Immanuel’s Circle Meetings Naomi Circle - March 12 at 9:30, at Church, Linda Peterson is our hostess. Sarah Circle - no info Greeting cards are available for purchase as a fund raiser for church in the Fellowship Hall. Honor system payment! The WELCA Meeting dates for the year are: March 10, July 14, October 13, 2019 January 12, 2020 All women are invited to attend this series of planning meetings! We are all essential Paul’s metaphor of the body of Christ in 1 Corinthians and Romans 12 is a powerful image for thinking about repentance as turning to others in community. Paul lifts up the varieties of gifts and perspectives that are all valued and needed for the community, reminding us that we are all important, all needed, all essential. There is no such thing as being a Christian alone: We are part of a body. Turning to God naturally turns us to others because our health, our joy, our freedom and our very lives are bound up together. Lutheran churches have a tradition of confessing sins aloud together in part to recognize that the sin of an individual always affects the whole body. This liturgical act of repentance as ‘turning to others’ is repeated or perhaps completed, as we share the peace. It provides not only a chance to exchange friendly greetings, but also an opportunity to resolve conflicts– to give and received forgiveness. Where our relationships remain strained or broken, it can be nearly impossible for us to freely and joyfully offer our gift’ to God–or to anyone else. This message is excerpted from the Bible study “Turning to others” by Meghan Johnston Aelabouni in the October issue of Gather magazine.

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