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CONGRATULATIONS to our members who are celebrating their Graduation from High School! Katie Burnside Ruth Elkerton Luke Nadeau God’s Blessings to you for a bright future! On Sunday, June 4 our congrega-tion will be recognizing our High School Grads and presenting a gift at worship. We ask that all those grads plan to be here on that date with their fami-lies for a special day in honor of them! We will also be awarding the Church scholarships that day!

Immanuel Youth Group Upcoming Dates:

May 31th Youth Group Year End Picnic 6:30-8:00pm—Location: Taylors Falls North Lion’s Park (the one with the playground equipment) Families are invited and asked to bring a dish to share. June 3rd Yard Clean Up, meet at church at 10am June 11th Special Mission Trip send off from Pastor during worship June 18th Youth leave for Mission Trip to Lake Traverse SD after church.

June 24th Youth return from Mission Trip.

Questions...Contact Youth Leaders Jason and DeeDee Fredlund 651-465-6130.

The Youth Group will be selling T-Shirts after Sunday service as part of a fundraiser for their upcoming Mission Trip in June.



Dear Members of Immanuel,

From June 18th to June 24th the youth group is headed to Martin, SD on a mission trip. We are going through Youth Works, a short -term mission organization that specializes in setting up life-changing, Christ centered trips. We will be serving in Martin with other church groups from all around the United States. One of these groups happens to be from the Twin Cities!

Martin offers a mix of a small town South Dakota community with Native American heritage. With the Pine Ridge Reservation wrapping around to the north and west and the Rosebud Sioux Indian Reserva-tion just east, the location of the small town provides unique access to the Lakota culture. Martin boasts a Native American population of nearly 50%. It is also the county seat of Bennett county, in which about 35% of the population lives below the poverty line – nearly three times more than the South Da-kota state average.

We will be spending our time there doing various service projects and kids ministry through Kids Club. This work is organized by the Youth Works staff, local leaders and organizations. The service projects can consist of weeding gardens and cleaning yards, cleaning schools, painting houses or where there is a need to help serve the community. Kids Club consists of teaching the children of Martin about Jesus Christ by playing games, reading, drawing, crafts or just spending time with them. There will also be opportunities with community events to learn about the community and the Native American Heritage there. This will help us spread the word of God within the community of Martin.

As you can tell, it is going to be a full week of listening to, learning from and loving on the people we meet in Martin. There is going to be a great opportunity for personal and spiritual growth within our group.

We would love for you to pray for this mission trip experience. Pray for us that are going, that we will be open to learning from the community we are visiting. Pray that we grow closer as a group, to Christ God. Pray for the Youth Works staff that lives in Martin all summer and will be leading us. Pray for the community members who we will meet and work for, that we may love and honor them well! Pray es-pecially for the kids who we will get to do ministry with, that they will connect the love we show with the love Jesus has for them.

As you can imagine, ministry trips such as these involve considerable expense and our team is working on fund raising for this trip. Would you please consider supporting us financially? (a donation of $50.00, $100.00 or $150.00) Of course, any amount is more than welcome!

If you choose to send a donation, please send it to:

Immanuel Lutheran Church

Youth Mission Trip

37515 Park Trail

Center City, MN 55012

Thank you for supporting us through prayer and if possible, a financial gift. This trip would be impossi-ble without the generosity of so many.

We are excited for the new opportunity and we are looking forward to sharing about the trip with you when we return.

Grateful for the places God draws us,

Immanuel Lutheran Youth Group

Lock in date has been changed to May 5th Contact Jason and DeeDee Fredlund, Youth Leaders 651-465-6130.

The youth had an amazing time on the retreat at Luther Point Bible Camp in Feb. We partnered with West Akers Lutheran in Prairie Farm Wi. Our weekend focused on The Lord's Prayer and we broke it down thru devo-tions, games, and songs. We also bonded more within our group and built new friendships as well wpe14.jpg (152488 bytes)

PLEASE BE SURE TO READ THE LETTER FROM THE YOUTH GROUP IN THIS NEWSLETTER. It is all about the Mission Trip they are planning for June this summer! There is info on how you can help them fund their trip!

FEED OUR STARVING CHILDREN EVENT, youth or not, please contact Jason or DeeDee ASAP to be put on the list. We need names ahead of time to send in.

  January 28th, 2017

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Contact Jason and DeeDee Fredlund, Youth Leaders to sign up for the lock-in or if you have questions.  Friends are invited. 






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