Memorial Scholarship Funds Guidelines

Ada Ogren Scholarship
Irene Hasselquist Scholarship

These scholarship funds are for the purpose of providing financial assistance to Immanuel Lutheran member students pursuing post-secondary education.

Ray & Dory Johnson Scholarship

This scholarship is for Immanuel Lutheran members entering their senior year of college or for upper degree work.

The following guidelines will determine the allocation of monies from these funds:
~ Application is open to persons of all ages for post-secondary education of training. We encourage older students, second-career students, and third or fourth year college/university or technical college students to make applications to these funds.
~ Applicant must be a member of Immanuel Lutheran Church.
~ Monies from these funds will be disbursed with the following priorities in mind:
A: To those seeking a career in Christian Education (e.g. Christian
Education Director)
B: To those seeking instructions in a college/university or technical
college setting.
C: The Ray & Dory Johnson Scholarship is for upperclassman and upper
degree work, especially in medicine.
~ This committee will meet each year to determine the recipient(s) of monies from these funds.
~ Application forms may be picked up in the church office and must be returned by April 30th.
~ A personal interview with the candidate(s) may be held at the discretion of the committee.
~ The person(s) selected for the scholarship will be notified in May.
~ It is understood that these out-right grant gifts and the recipients are under no obligation to repay such gifts.
~ Applications are to be sent to:
Memorial Scholarship Fund
Immanuel Lutheran Church
37515 Park Trail
Almelund, MN 55012-7511